UC Browser Offline Installer For Windows 10, 8, 7

There is no need introducing UC Browser to an average internet user, this is because its Android version is arguably the most popular mobile phone browser in the industry.

The light-weight browser from UC Web, a company owned by the multi-billion dollar Chinese company, Alibaba renders web pages in a completely different manner from other web browsers. It is super FAST!

Although built on the Google Chrome framework, it went extra-miles to ensure the web pages are returned faster with its data compression technology and cloud acceleration service, and this gave this beautiful web browser an identity among its peers.

Just like other popular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, UC Browser supports cloud syncing, simultaneous downloads.

UC Browser For Windows 10 Offline Installer

UC Browser For Windows 10 Offline Installer

UC Browser Review and Features

However, some features make UC Browser stands out from the rest, and they include;

  • Efficient Download Manager
  • Save page for Offline reading
  • Auto importing of Google Chrome Bookmarks and Importing Mobile Bookmarks

UC Browser Download Manager: Unlike other web browsers, this feature rich browser has one of the most effective inbuilt download manager without the use of an add-on. What this means is that, you can forget about that Internet download manager license you planned buying 😀

Design: The browser uses Google Chrome browser interface with a slick looking theme design. It has a beautiful menu button that goes with the slick design.

Personally, one of the most amazing features of UC browser is the ability to customize your browser to suit y0ur need. Color/theme change and customization are just few clicks away. You can either select a theme from the available options or stick to the default.

UC Browser Review

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