Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer for Windows – 64 and 32bits

Why should I download Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer for Windows?

Sometimes, it could be difficult downloading software directly from the internet, especially if you are a system admin that needs to run a single piece of software on multiple computers at the same time. Or you are a user who is battling with internet connections.

In any of the scenarios above, there is a life safer called the offline installer, they are simply the same software you download directly from the developers’ server. Although, in this case, you only need to run them without an internet connection. And one piece of software can be installed over and over on different PC.

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Some of us tend to use any Web browser we find available and are less concerned about its features as long as it loads web pages.

Yes, the initial aim of the invention of the Web browser was typical to create a platform to view Web pages and interact with them, but times have changed and it is still changing as technology grows every single day.
Web browsers have become more equipped in order to meet user’s needs in areas like enhanced security, speed, or greater flexibility offered through customization and various add-ons.

Despite the consistent development of apps to serve daily needs, Web browsers remains a must-have on any internet device. It is not just a platform for interacting with web pages only; it has also become a platform for loading interactive apps, gaming, video-conferencing, playing media contents etc.

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Web browsers can now use some of your computer features like your camera, microphone and so on.
Here I have come up with an extensive review of one of the most used and developed Web browser currently, including its Pro and Cons – Mozilla Firefox.

Firefox remains one of the best four Web browsers, other browsers on this list are Internet Explorer, Edge and Chrome. Firefox is attractively designed, has enhanced security features and can’t be beaten when it comes to customizability.

It is difficult to really tell which Web browser is the best because a particular Web browser could be considered to offer the best security and privacy features and could be lacking in terms of speed or other features as a result of this every Web browser is said to come along with cons just like they come with pros. Here are some pros and few cons of the Mozilla Firefox.

Pros of Mozilla Firefox Web browser:

Open Source

Firefox is the only Open Source Web browser. The open source feature of Firefox enables developers from all over the world to be able to contribute code to the browser and enables them to add more features to Firefox with add-ons and themes.

Add-ons are a small bit of code that can be introduced to a browser to extend its functionalities in several aspects including security, advert blocking, integration of social network and emails, debugging features and so on.
Add-ons give you the ability to configure Firefox to your own taste including the looks and feel of its interface, to do this go to the personas library to browse a thousand of free themes available for Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox is built on open Web technologies and is usually among the first support new and updated features released by CSS, HTML and other Web technologies.


Firefox is designed with several tools designed to prevent malicious Web pages from causing harm to our computer and files and this is a very importing feature especially in business organizations with important and fragile files on their computers.

Firefox features anti-phishing and anti-malware warning that are usually updated 48 times per day to prevent the user from falling into fraudulent Web pages/sites, Firefox also provides detailed identity information about a website which is easily accessible from the address bar, making it easy to decide if you can trust a site or not before submitting private information.

Firefox also provides a feature called private browsing mode that allows the browser to ignore website data i.e. cache, cookies and so on once browsing is ended.

Unlike other browser privacy modes, there is no noticeable icon/interface change in its private mode. The internet browser also has automatic updates, so your browser can stay up to date on the latest security changes. Firefox security features are customizable.

Multiple Operating System Processes

The latest release as at June 13, 2017, which is 54.0 version is the first to run Firefox using multiple operating system processes for web page content, making Firefox faster, reliable and more stable than ever. This feature helps to balance performance and memory use.

Version 54.0 is tagged the best version ever has the Firefox team introduced the Multiple operating system processes a feature they refer to as ‘Electrolysis’ (or E10s), it’s named after the chemical process that splits water into its core elements.

What do multiple operating processes mean? At times when we use a web browser, we often open many tabs (several web pages/apps in the same browser) and this tabs usually have several different things going on like animations, media contents, games, slideshows and so on, situations like this slows down browsing experience because a single process usually runs all tabs at the same time but this new version of Firefox splits the loads into several independent processes by using up to four processes to run web page content across all open tabs.

This enables web pages in different tabs load and responds faster. According to Nick Nguyen in an article he wrote on the Mozilla blog June 13, 2017, Mozilla Firefox version 54.0 uses less RAM (Random Access Memory) than other browsers on Windows 10, macOS and Linux regardless of its multi-process feature.


Firefox has been long known to be a fast internet browser and now it’s even faster. It has been able to beat most of its competitor in terms of speed. Note that when it comes to speed, your internet provider also plays a key role but when Firefox is compared using the same quality of internet service with most of its competitors it is usually the fastest.


Mozilla Firefox has a synchronization feature that allows you to synchronize your browsing so you can access your browsing history, bookmarks, passwords and more on your desktop and other devices like your mobile phone.

Cons of Mozilla Firefox Web browser:

Mozilla support team is difficult to reach, though they provide a lot of useful and detailed online documentation, FAQs, tutorials and live chat with the Firefox community, there is no support from Mozilla in terms of direct email messaging and phone call.


Mozilla Firefox is great for a person who just needs a simple and friendly platform to load web pages and at the same time perfect for developers who are interested in customizing and including their own features in terms of add-ons. Its security is advance and Firefox is almost unbeatable when it comes to speed.

LATEST: Download Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer (Version 56)

Download Firefox 56 Offline Installer For Windows 10, 8, 7 (32bits)

Download Firefox 56 Offline Installer For Windows 10, 8, 7 (64bits)

Need Older Versions?

Download Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer (Version 54)

Below is the offline installer for Mozilla Firefox 54, released July 13th, 2017. We provide you with both the 64 and 32bits installers. And you can install these on Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and Windows 7 Operating Systems.

Download Firefox 54 Offline Installer for Windows 10, 8, 7 (32bits)

Download Firefox 54 Offline Installer for Windows 10, 8, 7 (64bits)

  1. Download Firefox Offline Installer from the links above
  2. Goto your download folder and Double Click on the just downloaded instaler file
  3. Select the type of Installation (Standard is Recommended)
  4. Define your installation location (It is recommended to leave this option as it is)  and click Install button
  5. Wait for few seconds and the installation will run
  6. Click the Finish button

Note: This is the same procedure for upgrading your Firefox browser, the only difference is that you’ll see Upgrade instead of Install on step 4.

Hola! You’ve just successfully installed Mozilla Firefox Using the Offline Installer method. You can view the version of the browser that you’ve just installed by clicking on the menu button  top right corner of your screen) and click the Question mark icon > About Firefox.

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